Vision: To impact Nairobi, Kenya and beyond with the gospel of the lord Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Mission: To mobilize the entire church into outreach and missions in our neighborhoods and in market place.

Activities in the Ministry
1. Trainings and seminars to equip and Mobilize members to be involved in missions/witnessing
2. Short term mission trips to the unreached and least reached people groups.
3. Ensure effective follow up and Discipleship sessions with newly converted in partnership with host.
4. Build mission partnerships both locally and internationally in consultation with the Church leadership
5. To work with the Church Council and the Pastoral team to come up with a Mission policy for the Church


Vision: To have Believers presence and Christ’s love felt in the society.
Mission: To mobilize the church to transform the society through expressing the love of Christ to a hurting world.

To mobilize the church to:
• Respond to the needs of the poor in society through acts of mercy.
• Seek justice for all and especially for the poor, weak, discriminated and marginalized members of the society
• To provide advocacy for the weak
• Mobilize support for widows, immigrants and people in crises in stabilizing their lives
• Run a food and clothes bank. Seek to encourage the whole assembly donate clothing, food and basic items to keep the benevolence bank stocked.


Vision: To explain the gospel through captivating creative arts.
Mission: Gospel shared to everyone through art and parables.

• Giving undivided attention to prayer and living a holy life as enjoined by the Holy Bible.
• Steadfast dedication to crafting and rehearsing varied plays and skits that touch upon novel and contemporary themes affecting the society.
• Promoting creativity and talent in the performance arts within the body of Christ.
• To ensure godly stewardship of talents as exemplified by Jesus Christ moral probity and character integrity.


Vision: Meet and exceed all Audio/ Visual requirements and expectations of RBC by providing high level of professionalism and quality service hence create a worship experience that is life transforming for the members.
Mission: To support RBC vision by meeting all the audio visual needs of the Church.


The Ministry comprises young men and women between the ages between 25 and 35 years and who are single.

Vision: To raise a generation of Young professionals who will reach their highest potential in Christ, and influence society for the sake of Jesus Christ.
Mission: To win, mentor and equip Young Professionals for Christ.

1. Leadership and Career: To lead, influence and encourage others to reach their full potential and provide forum for career and life mentorship
2. Spiritual Growth: To encourage each member to pursue a personal spiritual journey. To Endeavour to know God through studying the bible, prayer and interacting with other likeminded people.
3. Service: To promote outreach and service to our community, family and schools in order to share Christ and instill an appreciation and compassion towards the needs of others.
4. Fellowship: To create a sense of belonging and build strong relationships amongst the members in order to enjoy life together as well as support each other in difficult times.


Leading Scripture: John 4:24 God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship Him in spirit and in truth.
• To be TRUE worshippers individually and as a team and to lead others to become TRUE worshippers.
• To minister to the Lord and His people through anointed, refreshing worship
• To hold bible studies in order to grow as worshippers
• To let Christ be glorified in our personal lives
• Through workshops, seminars, etc we work to teach, develop and raise worship leaders, musicians, vocalists, composers, etc. in worship.
• Work with other church ministries who need assistance to build their capacity.
• Use music as a tool to reach out to our communities; colleges/schools, the police, society, children’s homes, etc.
• From time to time we organize musical/worship events that go a long way in ministering to church community.
• To develop song writers and write our own music and do recording


Vision: To see worshippers come in to the sanctuary in an orderly organized manner and worship freely in the beauty of God’s presence in the sanctuary.
Mission: To ensure a conducive environment for the worshippers as they go to God’s presence through prayer, singing, giving and the word.


Vision: Hospitality extended to all worshipers at RBC.
Mission: To extend a hand of welcome to worshipers while ensuring that newcomers feel at home at RBC.


Vision: To see believers effectively live out their faith through growing into Christ likeness.
Mission: To empower believers with basic Christian doctrines in their faith so that they grow in the character of Christ and they themselves become disciple makers.

Areas of Focus
1. Training
• To teach and train believers how to study and apply God’s word in their lives (Acts 17:11, 2Tm. 2:15, Ezra 7:10)
Evangelism and Outreach
• Teaching Christians how to witness for Jesus and how to establish young converts in their faith and equip for the great commission.
Teaching and Training
• Teaching and training on how to have a Christ centered life through systematic reading, studying and memorizing of God’s word.
• Put in place continuous training program for small group leaders.

2. Mentoring and Counseling
Organize seminars addressing relevant life issues affecting the Christian community and the society.


Vision: To impact Christians through the study of the Word of God, fellowship and care.
Mission: To ensure that through cell groups, members are deeply rooted in the word of God, Christian growth and fellowship.

Activities in the Ministry
1. Study: the systematic study of God’s Word in a comprehensive and accurate way to show oneself approve to God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth, (2 Timothy 2:15).
2. Small groups – to foster participatory study, building relationships, sharing of our lives, accountability, fellowship and care for one another. ‘By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another’, John: 13:35
3. Holistic life – To grow in all areas of life – until we all reach unit in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the measure of the fullness of Christ, Eph. 4:13


Vision: Equipped families that are united and growing together in love, impacting the next generation for Christ.
Mission: To raise godly Christian families through training in biblical principles, mentoring, counseling and fellowship to create effective godly families grounded in the word of God.


Vision: Empowered singles who are maximizing their impact to their generation.
Mission: To facilitate the single person to enjoy a wholesome relationship with Christ and others by providing forums to interact, foster growth, accountability and outreach.


1. To ensure efficiency in control and parking of traffic within the church hence allowing easy transition between services on Sundays.
2. To ensure emergency preparedness
3. To ensure good and organized security system during the services.
4. To give traffic ministry an all-inclusive image by recruiting members across age and gender
5. To ensure the exercise of good public relation eticate in the parking lot.

14. VISITATION MINISTRY (Under Pastors/Deacons)

Vision: To see a joyful, hopeful and encouraged church membership and society, having shared the love of Christ through fellowship and care.
Mission: To stand a long side church members and the society under all circumstances, in joy and in sorrow so that they can in turn effectively take their rightful position in Christ and society.


Vision: To sing praises, hymns and make music to God as we minister to the people.
Mission: To create an atmosphere for the manifest presence of God.


Vision: To walk with people needing godly counsel.
Mission: To mobilize and equip counselors at RBC with counseling skills and facilitate the provision of counseling services to those in need.

Activities in the Ministry
– marriage and family counseling
– youth counseling
– substance abuse counseling
– conflict resolution counseling
– crisis counseling
– bereavement counseling
– spiritual warfare counseling (inner healing and deliverance)
– terminal illness counseling
– HIV/Aids counseling
– Vocational/career counseling



Vision: Transforming Men for Kingdom Impact
Mission: To harness, the God given potential in men and deploy it for Kingdom purpose

  • Men’s ministry at RBC focuses on mobilizing and reaching all men of the church specifically ages 21years and above.
  • Providing forum that equip men for leadership in society, church and family


Women ministry is designed to meet the needs of women in the RBC congregation. Its an integral part of RBC and has programs specifically to deepen and nurture spiritual and emotional growth of women.
It provides a forum for small group fellowship, mutual support for one another, joint ministry opportunities, spiritual nurturing and leadership training.


a) College students Ministry
It specifically provides fellowship and discipleship for youth in their 20-25yrs.This is the group that is mostly in colleges and Universities
Here at RBC we seek to support these young people in their desire to know God and live for Him through providing forum for fellowship, Bible study, career development YLET/YMET

b) Teens Ministry
To see the high school-ers of our church transformed and growing in Christ to impact the teenagers of their generation for Christ.
To create an enabling environment for the High schoolers to grow in love of Christ and to serve Him.


Overall Objective
The RBC Children Ministry targets children 14 years and below, aim at developing them into holistic, responsible believers who have learned Godly principles, which they apply in daily life, peoples, mentoring, counseling and fellowship to create effective Godly families grounded in the word of God so that they may transform the church and the world.

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