What is D.E.E.L?
It is a 5-months discipleship program for Form Four Leavers that helps them engage in matters to do with their journey in this life as they ready up for service in this world and their ultimate life when they leave this world- either in heaven or hell.

D- Discipled: Discipleship is the process of making a follower of Jesus Christ. It happens in class and interactive sessions as we hand down truths from fruitful men and women. The challenge is for the student to grow in the character and person of Jesus Christ.
E- Equipped: In order to interact with his/her world, the student needs to know what to do and how to do it. we equip them in matters to do with ministry and life at home and in college.
E- Engaged: We engage the student to apply the things he/she has learnt over time. Practical Christianity is a key thing. Missions and Outreach form the menu for engagement.
L- Life: Life is not just about education or church alone. All these aspects of life are one in the life of the believer. Church, family, friends, education and other engagements are all part of the life of the believer. Life entails all that we are and do.